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At the coldest time of year, skiing underwear is the perfect clothing for keeping your little ones warm. This is the most important layer of clothing – not only during high-intensity winter sports but also when hiking or simply playing outdoors – ensuring that your child neither freezes nor sweats. The most important criterion for children’s skiing underwear is insulation, to make sure that little ones don’t get cold. With ODLO’s three-layer principle skiing underwear for children and adults is especially important. Functional shirts and long trousers act like a second skin and offer your child the perfect fit. When romping around or skiing, your child may not notice that they are getting cold until they start to freeze – and then it can be too late. If your child starts to sweat quickly, their skiing underwear needs to be able to wick moisture away from the skin. Another important criterion is the sensitivity of children’s skin. ODLO offers you and your little ones skiing underwear that is particularly skin-friendly.

Skiing underwear for children in ODLO's three-layer principle

ODLO’s three-layer principle doesn’t just protect you during winter sports: it proves its worth with all outdoor sporting activities. For skiing, cross-country skiing, and all snowy adventures, the first layer provides the essential basis. You should pay attention to the following features:

Clean workmanship and flat seams, to ensure that no pressure points can form.

Excellent moisture transportation, to prevent sweating and cooling.

A tight fit, to prevent shifting.

Arms and sleeves that are sufficiently long, to keep you whole body warm.

With children’s skiing underwear in particular, it is important that your little ones are protected all day long. The second layer consists of mid layers, which provide additional insulation. Thin fleece or natural wool give your child the necessary additional warmth, ensuring that they feel great all day long. A jumper or waistcoat can be worn over their skiing underwear, making sure that moisture is reliably wicked away from the first layer. Finally, your child will also need an outer layer that offers protection from water, wind, and cold temperatures. Our skiing jackets and skiing trousers are made from high-quality materials and feature innovative technologies that offer protection from the weather.

Functional materials for children's skiing underwear

For an unforgettable skiing experience – whether on the slopes or the cross-country trails, you can choose multi-faceted skiing underwear for your children. There is a wide range of different materials to choose from to achieve various levels of warmth, providing insulation either in frosty weather or in mild temperatures. Merino wool stands out with its thermal properties. It is lightweight, offers protection from the wind, and compensates for moisture loss. At the same time, it feels comfortably soft against the skin. The natural fibres are especially suitable for icy temperatures. For high-intensity cross-country skiing, skiing underwear can be a little thinner. Beforehand, the body temperature is usually a little lower, but then after just a few minutes the entire body enters into sport-mode. Synthetic fibres have a lower density. At the same time, however, they insulate the body heat and protect against overheating. If skiing underwear for children is especially important to you, the ECO collection is the perfect choice. More than 50% of the fibres are made from recycled waste without compromising on functional properties.

Find the right fit

ODLO’s collections of skiing underwear for children are extremely diverse. The individual garments correspond to various levels of movement and can be integrated into the three-layer principle with maximum comfort. Base layers, midlayers and outer layers should be coordinated to ensure that skiing underwear does not cause any pressure points or chafing. A tight-fitting cut is advantageous, as underwear and base layers act like a second skin. Details such as turtle necks, longer sleeve cuffs, or thumb loops offer additional protection against the cold.

Care instructions for skiing underwear

During a skiing holiday, skiing underwear will be in constant use for several days. But it doesn’t need to be washed after every use. To ensure that children’s skiing underwear remains functional for a long time, daily airing is perfectly sufficient. The protects the fibres of the fabric and the garment’s insulating properties. If you want to wash clothing in the washing machine, don’t use fabric softener and attention to ODLO’s care instructions. A wash at 40 degrees with a mild detergent is sufficient. Children’s skiing underwear is not suitable for drying in a tumble dryer, which can damage the materials.

ODLO's winning levels of warmth

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and different levels of warmth, ODLO’s skiing underwear for children is an essential garment. Depending on the level of activity, you can choose the best base layer for your child. Rapid descents down the ski slopes and waits for the lift entail different conditions to those experienced on an extended session on the cross-country skiing trail.

X-LIGHT: Keeps the body cool and dry in warm temperatures.

LIGHT: Suitable for all weather, and stands out with moisture-regulating properties.

WARM: Skiing underwear can be used for all winter sports, as it features excellent insulating properties and promises balanced moisture regulation.

X-WARM: Especially in extreme minus temperatures, skiing clothing offers excellent protection. Sensitive body areas are protected from cooling down by additional inserts.

ODLO's skiing underwear for children

Do you want to hit the ski slopes and cross-country trails with your children? With the right skiing underwear for children, your little ones can stay warm and dry all day long. ODLO’s moisture management system ensures that sweat is reliably wicked away. The high-quality material blend of natural and synthetic fibres also insulates the body’s warmth. Alongside skiing underwear for children, high-performance mid layers and protective outer layers are also important for a comfortable and pleasant feel. The range of skiing clothing for children, women and men is rounded off by winter hats and gloves, which keep the sensitive areas of the body warm in the snow.

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