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The reversible headband

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The move Light headband

€ 23,95 - € 29,95

The Ceramiwarm headband

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The Polyknit Warm hat

€ 19,95 - € 24,95

The Ceramiwarm hat

€ 31,95 - € 39,95

The microfleece Warm hat

€ 19,95 - € 24,95

The heavy knit winter hat

€ 39,95 € 31,95

The move Light hat

€ 27,95 - € 34,95

The Active road cycling glove

€ 27,95 - € 34,95

The Ceramiwarm Pro tube

€ 23,95 - € 29,95

The Active Warm facemask

€ 19,95 - € 24,95
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When you go cross-country or alpine skiing, or snowboarding, it is not just about the right choice of ski wear; accessories also have an important role to play. Winter beanies for women, but also headbands and gloves complement functional items of clothing and ensure optimum temperature management. After all, if your head is exposed, you will lose a lot of heat. Very soon your body will cool down and you will start to experience headaches. Your hands also have sensitive areas and so can lose grip when it is cold. In order for you to fully enjoy your day on the cross-country skiing trail, or on the slopes, when it comes to winter clothing, winter beanies and gloves are an absolute must. Featuring innovative technologies and made from functional materials, these accessories are ready for action whatever the winter weather.

Finding the right winter beanie for women

A day of sport in the snow: whether it’s on the cross-country skiing trail, running or alpine skiing on the slopes, winter can be a real adventure. Ski wear with functional properties and combined natural and synthetic materials provides perfect moisture drainage away from the skin, and optimum temperature management. The winter beanies for women have the same features.

Winter beanie for cross-country skiing

A day on the cross-country skiing trail involves highly intensive movement. Within a few minutes your body starts to majorly exert itself. This not only requires functional cross-country skiing clothing, but your beanie becomes a trusted and important companion. If your head starts sweating and the surrounding temperature is low, you can start to feel unwell. Winter beanies for women from ODLO combine optimum moisture management, fast-drying and heat retention properties. On icy days the CERAMIWARM winter beanies retain body warmth and thereby warm you up by up to 3 degrees. They are made with light materials, so they fit into any coat pocket. On gloomy days a WARM winter beanie is a real allrounder. The elastic material fits any head shape; flat seams avoid the creation of pressure points. At the same time, it has functional properties: the winter beanie drains moisture away swiftly and protects the head from cooling down.

Winter beanie for skiing & snowboarding

Alpine winter sports demand a lot from your body. Being in good shape means you can deal with alternating between active phases and periods of rest on the ski-lift. However, your ski wear is also essential to make sure your sporting adventure goes well. Winter beanies are indispensable accessories for skiing and snowboarding. A protective helmet is mandatory on many ski slopes. The CERAMIWARM winter beanies and headbands from ODLO, worn underneath a helmet, ensure you can feel as warm as possible. The mix of materials from natural and synthetic fibres – in combination with innovative technology – provides warmth to the areas of your body that need it. At the same time, it provides up to three degrees Celsius more heat. The particularly thin winter beanies only have a few seams, so you can also wear them under a helmet without troublesome pressure points. With a ski mask covering the entire head and neck area, leaving the face open, you are on safe ground. Tube scarves can complement the functional winter beanies, an ideal addition to your ski clothing.

Headbands for sunny days

If, on sunnier days, you go for a run or are on a cross-country skiing trail, you can replace your winter beanie with a headband. It guarantees you a high degree of freedom of movement and offers you the same benefits as a beanie. The headbands from ODLO are particularly wide, safely and warmingly covering a large section of your head – ears are particularly sensitive to the cold. Its high stretch ensures the one-size-fits-all fits any head. At the same time, the headbands do not miss out on any of the functional properties. Optional thin fleece and synthetic fibres offer you high wear comfort and provide you, if needed, with up to three degrees more warmth. The Ceramiwarm headbands ideally complement your ski outfit, if you want to take a brief break, and are looking for sure protection against your body cooling down. They have also proven to be an alternative to conventional winter beanies when walking or cross-country skiing.

Gloves as optimum protection against the wet

Sporting activities at temperatures below zero also present a challenge for your hands. Cold and wet snow cause your fingers to cool down and become stiff. Warm hands ensure you can keep a firm grip on your ski sticks and the cold does not affect how you are feeling. You can wear thin gloves under protective ski or snowboard gloves to get extra warmth. When cross-country skiing, thinner, water-repellent models are the best choice, so your grip is never compromised. ODLO has various collections to offer you which are optimally tailored to your needs. The innovative technologies are used in various different product lines. With cross-country skiing in mind, the women’s gloves feature a special pimpled inner side, so you can always maintain a firm grip on your ski stick.

Gloves and winter beanies for women from ODLO

With the right ski clothing your experience of a day in the snow will be a real adventure. Whether it’s sunshine, snow or wind, ODLO has developed functional outdoor clothing, which offers optimum protection, whatever the poor weather. Winter beanies and gloves have winning features – excellent moisture drainage and heat retention. The combination of natural and synthetic fibres is relevant for all three-layer system winter clothing, as well as for women’s and men’s winter beanies. Thin ski masks, tube scarves and gloves round off the outfit. That way you will can always be protected against your body cooling down or overheating.

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