Providing enhanced and rapid thermal insulation, heat storage and re-emission.

The organic and manmade components enable a very fast heating through the fabric and guarantee a superior level of warmth, by interacting with the natural body heat. It guarantees a rapid warming up, within seconds. The material has a super soft feel and is very comfortable to wear. And the new sports underwear is memorable at first glance because of the A-Thermic grid structure, giving it a unique look.

How it works:

1. Body gives off heat
2. Masterbatch chips containing nano carbon particles are extruded into the yarn. The particles increase the surface area of the yarn and deliver an increased thermal storage capacity of the yarn.
3. The active warming yarn is woven into the back side of the garment and radiates the stored heat back to the body.

What you feel directly on your skin is illustrated by the following figures:

  • • 40% warmer than our originals fabric for every 100 gr
  • • Reaches 91% of the warmth of originals fabric at only 65% of the weight

💙 Why you will love A-Thermic:

• Active warming
• Lightweight
• Optical difference

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