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80% of the population will
experience back pain in their lives,
be among the remaining 20%.



Incorporate a daily stretch in
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ODLO Nordic skiing and Cross-Country Collection FALL WINTER 2020


With the right set of layers, you will have perfect control
over your body temperature. Prevent over heating and
get rid of this chilly feeling when you interrupt your effort.


Simplicity, precision and planning are all that’s needed to start warm and stay warm no matter what the day brings.


ODLO Sustainability and social responsibility commitments


Sustainability and social responsibility have been
at the heart of ODLO's corporate culture since
the company was founded 70 years ago.

Odlo stories

ODLO: outdoor clothing for active sportsmen and sportswomen

"Always be one step ahead" was the motto of founder Odd Roar Lofterød Senior when he started ODLO's story of success in Norway in 1946. To exercise in the fresh air and make outdoor sports a real adventure, the demands on clothing are high. People and sportswear need to be able to defy the elements - passionate runners, nature-loving hikers, and winter sports enthusiasts are always looking for new destinations.

ODLO: sportswear for all levels of movement

ODLO has stepped up to this challenge and adapted its collections to meet your high demands as an outdoor enthusiast. Our goal is to ensure that you feel completely comfortable during your sporting adventures.

Do you want to go cycling, hiking, running, or cross-country skiing? ODLO sportswear doesn't just stand for the love of sport in the great outdoors: it also symbolises responsibility for the environment.

ODLO: sportswear for all levels of movement

ODLO: sportswear for all levels of movement

With ODLO, you're on the safe side. For passionate runners, cycling enthusiasts, nature-loving hikers, or snow-loving winter sports fans, exercise and sport in the fresh air help to clear the mind and generate new strength for the tasks ahead.

Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who adventure into the great outdoors every day require high-performance breathable clothing. Trousers should offer maximum comfort: they must not be restrictive and should ensure an even body temperature. Sweat should be effectively transported away from the skin and absorbed, and constant exchange of air during sports and exercise should be promoted. Cyclists who want to explore the beauty of nature from the saddle and climb mountain passes also require excellent thermoregulation and specially padded trousers.

Advanced Microclimate Management:
ODLO's weather-resistant three-layer principle

For your outdoor sporting adventures, play it safe with multiple layers of clothing. ODLO has redefined the three-layer principle for all sports enthusiasts and nature-lovers. To withstand changes in weather and temperature, different functional garment layers are combined to improve the balance between warmth and breathability while giving you full freedom of movement for every season.

ODLO's innovative technologies regulate your body temperature and promote moisture management during outdoor sports. Whether you're climbing snow-capped peaks or enjoying a relaxed jogging session, ODLO keeps you fresh and improves your posture. Discover more

Sports Underwear & BASELAYER

Our functional ODLO underwear for men and women ensures a perfect fit and optimum freedom of movement. The breathable fibres control the climate next to the skin. ODLO bras give the perfect support during sporting activities. Depending on your activity, you can choose from three levels of support to ensure that you find the perfect bra: Soft, Medium, and High.

ODLO will win you with its functional basics and useful accessories, all of which can meet your high demands for comfort and quality in every situation.

Sports Underwear


Moisture regulation is guaranteed through functional sports underwear for men and women as well as the first layer of clothing, which sits close to the skin.

In its various collections, ODLO offers innovative fabric structures and breathable fibres which quickly wick moisture away from the skin and do not let the cold reach your body. For your first layer of clothing, you can find the right garments for your sporting activities in the ACTIVE (Men / Women), PERFORMANCE (Men / Women), or NATURAL collections (Men / Women). ODLO's baselayers consist of moisture-regulating functional materials such as merino wool or synthetic fibres.


Optimum thermal insulation is the gold standard in outdoor sports. With maximum freedom of movement, your mountain runs will feel almost like a walk, and freezing and shivering will be a thing of the past. Sweat is reliably wicked from the first layer so that the temperature level of your body is not affected.

ODLO offers midlayers such as shirts and vests as well as thin jackets, allowing you to select the right garment according to your personal perception of temperature. If you want especially warm insulation, you can also wear multiple midlayers. Pay particular attention to breathability and optimum moisture dissipation. Innovative technologies like Yakwarm, Ceramiwarm, I-Thermic, N-Thermic, S-Thermic or A-Thermic are suitable for all sporting needs.

Outer Layer

The outer layer serves as weather protection against rain, wind, or snow. Whether you're cross-country skiing through snow-covered forests, enjoying fast downhill runs in the mountains, or jogging in the rain: thanks to the protection of ODLO's outer layer, you will always stay warm and dry. A high level of insulation also protects you in cold temperatures or fresh winds without restricting your freedom of movement.

At the same time, the jackets ensure that you don't overheat even at maximum intensity. ODLO insulation layers are waterproof, windproof, and packable. So you are well protected against the elements. For a low-intensity activity, garments with N-Thermic are the first choice; for high-intensity activities, select insulation layers with S-Thermic.