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Sportswear for children: Making exercise even more fun

The youngest children have an irrepressible urge to move freely in nature, to test their limits, and to grow beyond themselves. Whether they're trying out their first bike, enjoying their first hiking adventure, or putting on their skis for the first time, sportswear for children plays an important role. Parents in particular have high expectations for the functional sportswear worn by their children. ODLO offers the perfect sportswear for active kids, ensuring that your child feels comfortable at all times, and never freezes or overheats. Based on the three-layer principle, ODLO has developed a range of sports underwear for snow walks, hiking tours, and all outdoor experiences, especially for your little ones. T-shirts, trousers, jumpers, gloves and hats offer unique freedom of movement and keep the body warm, so there's no need to worry about cold feet or ears, even after an adventurous day in the great outdoors.

The best equipment for outdoor adventures

During a child's first years of life, general movement and fun during outdoor activities are the most important thing; when they reach school age, children begin to develop personal preferences. Some children develop a liking for team sports, while others would prefer to spend all day riding their bike or running across uneven terrain. In all sports - whether indoor or outdoor - functional sportswear for children is essential for the well-being of young athletes. Their first days of skiing, taking small steps towards their first summit cross: hiking and skiing are the perfect sports activities for adventurous children, giving them a feel for the beauty of nature. Warming functional underwear provides an optimum temperature level and effectively wicks moisture away from the skin. Here too, ODLO feels responsible for ensuring that your child can continue to enjoy exercise while also taking an important step towards protecting the environment. For hiking, running, or skiing, ODLO offers different collections for children, which are also produced using proven innovations and technologies. ODLO also relies on the three-layer principle in its sportswear for children. The baselayer consists of functional underwear that fits as tight as possible and regulates body moisture. Sweat is quickly wicked away to the second layer, ensuring that the skin remains dry and that children do not freeze. Natural and functional fibres play an essential role here. ODLO's ACTIVE WARM/ACTIVE X-WARM ski underwear does not chafe the skin, thanks to its flat seams, making it the perfect companion for winter temperatures. A long back section ensures that the underwear sits securely in the trousers. Polyester and especially stretchy spandex offer an exceptional level of comfort. This is especially important for growing children. The second layer, also called a midlayer, is responsible for the temperature level. To ensure that the body temperature remains constant regardless of the level of movement, these shirts and trousers need to keep the wearer warm during winter and cool during summer. For cold days, merino wool and light fleece fabrics support the innovative material, which is made using synthetic and breathable fibres. These ensure a comfortable body temperature. The outer layer acts as weather protection. The jacket helps to prevent the penetration of rain, wind, and snow, ensuring that children do not become very wet. With a water-repellent jacket as well as an insulating hat and gloves, your child will feel comfortable during all outdoor activities.

Colourful sportswear for children

In terms of functionality, sportswear for children must be able to adapt to their needs. With high levels of movement, these garments keep your child's body comfortably fresh and dry, and also absorb sweat. To ensure that little athletes never freeze or sweat, ODLO has integrated its Advanced Microclimate Management concept into much of its children's sportswear. Because children in particular like colourful sportswear, you will find shirts, trousers, functional underwear and jackets in your child's favourite colours. Pink, blue, and turquoise set the tone: little ones in particular will love the high quality of ODLO's functional sportswear.

ODLO takes responsibility

ODLO doesn't just want your child to feel completely comfortable in the right sportswear: it's also important that your little ones can enjoy many more adventures in the great outdoors, for years to come. This is why ODLO has decided to make an important contribution to the preservation of nature in all its beauty in the manufacture of its products. For this reason, ODLO mainly produces its collections in Europe and uses sea, road and rail transportation routes. The biggest step is probably the development of fibres and fabrics that are as light as synthetic fibres but made from natural raw materials. ODLO's sustainable production processes support a responsible attitude towards nature.

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