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When hiking in the mountains, on bicycle tours or as a functional shirt under a weatherproof jacket, you are optimally equipped with a polo shirt from ODLO. Both tight-fitting shirts and polo shirts with a wider cut are ideal for sports and leisure. At the same time the shirts with the short attached button bar offer you maximum functionality. A pleasant collar forms the closure, which just like the thin seams does not cause any friction on the skin.

Polo shirts from ODLO for active men

In some sports, such as golf, tennis or riding, polo shirts have long since become an established item of clothing. Even on an everyday walk in the open air, it is hard to imagine life without the comfortable shirts. ODLO offers you a wide range of options to accompany you in all sporting activities. Functional polo shirts for men promise you outstanding temperature and moisture management. You can gain more enjoyment from a relaxing run around the mountain lake or a leisurely hike immediately – your body remains at a comfortable level at all times during your outdoor experience and sweat is efficiently released into the next layer of clothing. Innovative technologies are also used to prevent odorous substances from penetrating the polo shirt. You can wear polo shirts for men at any time of the year. In summer you just wear the polo, in cooler temperatures you supplement your outfit with a weatherproof jacket, which protects you from rain, wind and cold.

Functional shirts for all weather conditions

Sports activities in nature are not limited to the warm seasons. Hikes in spring, when the first flowers sprout from the ground again, or in autumn, when the chestnuts fall, have their own special charm. In winter it is a real experience to walk along snow-covered paths or to inaugurate the freshly prepared cross-country ski trails. The matching long-sleeved shirt guarantees you optimum moisture management and ideal temperature control for your activities. In addition to synthetic and breathable materials, the T-shirts, polo shirts and long-sleeved shirts from ODLO also have warming merino or yak wool to protect you from cold temperatures. A closing down or ski jacket provides the necessary weather protection against the elements.

Polo shirts for hot days

If the sun is burning and you want to enjoy the day with sporty outdoor activities, UV protection is necessary. Sun cream helps you to protect your skin, but some polo shirts and T-shirts from ODLO are also equipped with a high UV filter of up to 50+, so that you are also additionally protected from the sun by the clothing. F-Dry technology wicks moisture away from the skin very quickly and keeps you pleasantly dry. Especially on hot days, you can increase your own well-being many times over with a T-shirt or polo shirt from ODLO.

ODLO has your perfect polo shirt

Whether for skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking or cycling – polo shirts are a fashionable alternative to conventional T-shirts for men. Even if functionality is the main focus of sportswear, it is hard to deny that men also want to cut a good figure in all outdoor activities. The collar with the short button bar emphasises the male casualness and style. ODLO offers you a wide range of polo shirts for men, which are extremely comfortable to wear and are highly functional. Breathability thanks to lightweight fabrics, excellent thermal insulation thanks to processed natural wool and integrated UV protection meet your high demands for functional sportswear. With the T-shirts and polo shirts for men, you won't need to compromise on your outdoor activities.

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