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Accessori per escursioni, giornate in montagna e battaglie a palle di neve.

Guanti Active Warm kids'

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Winter accessories for children: protection against the cold

With warm gloves, a thick hat and a scarf, your children will get through the winter easily. Wrapped up warmly, the cold won't get to them. Lightweight and breathable materials ensure that moisture is led away from the skin.

The right winter accessory for every occasion

Winter accessories for children are indispensable – no matter what the activity. ODLO has a large selection of optimal clothing. UV protection, lightweight materials and functional properties form the perfect combination.


If the temperatures drop, a hat is advisable. Due to their great urge to move, children hardly ever get cold, even in winter. In calmer phases after playing outside, on the other hand, the danger of getting cold is great. Hats are an important heat reservoir. The innovative materials used lead moisture away from the skin, at the same time the fabric feels pleasant on the skin and does not scratch.


Fingers get cold particularly quickly in frosty temperatures. To prevent this from happening, gloves are the answer. The thin, soft material stores body heat and ensures reliable moisture transport. Wetness stays outside. With warmed hands an exciting day outdoors can be spent comfortably. Breathable fibres prevent children's hands from sweating.

Scarves and tube scarves

Tube scarves are good for keeping warm when skiing or hiking in the snow. They are pulled over the head and do not leave the neck unprotected. Made of thin material, they are not only a useful addition to hiking clothing but are also indispensable for adventures in the snow. By the way, a ski helmet fits over it without problems.

Functional clothing in a three-layer system

ODLO has designed a perfect system to protect children and adults from various weather conditions. When it comes to hiking clothes for children, running clothes or outfits for the skiing, it is important that all items are breathable as well as moisture-absorbing and providing reliable weather protection. On cold days, the innovative Ceramiwarm and Ceramicool technologies keep the body warm, while at high temperatures ensure gentle cooling. The interaction of different layers of clothing regulates the body's temperature. Functional sports underwear is worn under base layers, which ensure that moisture is transported to the outside. The mid layer consists of outerwear that warms, stores body heat or cools in high heat. These technologies are also used in the trousers. The last layer are jackets. They are water-repellent and windproof. For your child's hiking clothing, you can stow a thin jacket in your backpack to save space and have an extra layer of clothing at hand during breaks or in the event of a sudden change in weather.

Winter accessories for children at ODLO

To ensure that you have lots of fun on your adventures, the right clothing is important. The mix of synthetic and natural fibres makes the outfit a faithful companion in any weather. Soft fleece keeps you warm, thin polyester ensures a balanced temperature in warm weather. With hats, scarves and gloves, sensitive body parts are also particularly well protected. ODLO has been committed to preserving the environment for many years. With the ECO collection, sportswear has been created from recycled plastic bottles. Both for skiing and running – the garments are available for all levels of movement.

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