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With winter sports, a warm head is essential. The majority of the body’s warmth is lost from the head. ODLO’s winter hats for men provide a cosy feel, ensuring that your ears don’t freeze. Even at minus temperatures, your head will be comfortably protected. Depending on the weather, you can opt for a heat-insulating winter hat or a wind-proof headband. Ski masks, tube scarves, and gloves are also a must for a day enjoying the snow or high-intensity winter sports. With ODLO, you will find a large selection of garments and accessories that will prevent your head, neck and hands from cooling.

The right headgear for winter sports

Winter sports activities are extremely versatile. Long cross-country skiing sessions, Alpine skiing with breaks on the ski lift, or a toboggan run with the whole family: whatever you enjoy, for ODLO, the protection of heads and hands is a top priority. To ensure that you are perfectly equipped at all times, a winter hat is a must.

Winter hats for cross-country skiing

An excursion on the cross-country skiing trails is more intense than you might imagine. When cross-country skiing, your body reaches maximum capacity after just a few minutes. Your cross-country skiing clothing also has to keep up with this high-intensity level of movement. While outerwear is built according to the three-layer-principle, and you can select your cross-country trousers to match the current temperature, hats cannot be worn on top of each other. A cross-country skiing hat with the right insulating properties is the perfect choice for a day of skiing. ODLO’s LIGHT hats will impress you with their exceptional thermal insulation. For winter sports and spending time outdoors in sub-zero temperatures, these hats will keep your head warm and are particularly breathable. Additional ventilation areas on these knitted hats guarantee reliable ventilation. Their quick-drying material is soft on the skin and promises a comfortable feel. Winter hats with Ceramiwarm technology are a great choice for adventures on the cross-country skiing trails: they are adapted perfectly to the different parts of the head, offer outstanding moisture management, and also provide warmth. Thanks to ZeroScent technology, unpleasant odours don't stand a chance. WARM winter hats are real all-rounders in cooler temperatures. Even in light sunshine, your head won't overheat.

Winter hats for skiing and snowboarding

When skiing and snowboarding, your body needs to perform at its best, so temperature and moisture management must also function properly. The three-layer principle applies to your entire ski outfit. Your head also needs warmth and protection from overheating: a winter hat or headband that is optimally adapted to your activity level and the current weather conditions will help to provide this. Alpine skiing demands a high level of safety. On the slopes you'll only be wearing a helmet, but your ears and neck also need warmth and protection from snowfall. Ski masks that cover the entire face and extend into the collar of your ski jacket are perfect for wearing beneath your helmet. They give you a clear field of vision without restricting your movement. Choose your men’s winter hat to match the weather. The tube hats of the ORIGINALS WARM and ACTIVE THERMIC collections are especially thin, reliably wick moisture away from the head, and provide insulation against the cold. In addition, tube scarves offer extra warmth. Men’s winter hats made from thin microfleece or with Ceramiwarm technology are an excellent choice on the ski slopes and after a day of intense exercise.

Headbands for sunny days

When walking, jogging, or enjoying a lunch break on the ski slopes, a headband can insulate your head’s heat. This is essential, because your body will sweat during your descents or adventures on the cross-country skiing trail. Moisture must be wicked away by functional underwear and your body temperature should remain constant. Your head will also start to heat up and can cool down quickly with little or no movement. Once your head becomes cold, this is transferred to your entire body. This makes it all the more important to preserve warmth with a headband. With ODLO you will find a large selection of headbands featuring innovative technologies that are also comfortable to wear. The wide dimensions ensure that these warming garments completely cover your ears and forehead. The material is especially stretchy, and won’t restrict your movements. Headbands with Ceramiwarm technology store your body heat, which is especially useful in low temperatures; the heat-reflecting nano-carbon particles sewn into the yarn are responsible for this. This active insulation is supported by ZeroScent technology, which prevents the development of unpleasant odours. Thanks to the highly stretchy fabric of these headbands, they fit like a glove.

Gloves for sensitive areas

When skiing, cross-country skiing, or snowboarding, gloves are essential. They don’t just provide heat insulation but also offer protection from moisture. If you have warm fingers in frosty temperatures, you can hold your ski pole better or reach for your ski pass more easily. ODLO’s thin finger gloves feature innovative technologies to ensure that they keep you warm and provide freedom of movement. Our cross-country skiing models have a nubbed palm for a better grip. Whether you need a thin base layer or warm and moisture-repellent gloves as a top layer ODLO offers a large selection of different collections to meet your personal requirements.

ODLO’s winter hats for men

To make your day in the snow a real outdoor adventure, your winter clothing is crucial. Starting with baselayers that ensures optimal moisture transport, insulating mid layers, and outer layers that are wind-proof and moisture-repellent, high functionality is essential. ODLO develops garments with innovative technologies as part of the three-layer principle. Natural materials such as merino or yak wool alongside synthetic fibres ensure an ideal combination. You will find a large selection of men’s winter hats that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Freezing and sweating are a thing of the past with ODLO’s gloves, headbands and winter hats.

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