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The Ascent hiking pants

€ 104,95 - € 149,95

The Ascent Warm hiking pant

€ 90,95 - € 129,95

The Wedgemount hiking pants

€ 49,95 - € 69,95

The Ride 365 pants

€ 129,95 € 90,95

The Zeroweight Warm tights

€ 90,95 - € 129,95

The Essentials running tights

€ 41,95 - € 59,95

The Active 365 knit sweatpants

€ 62,95 - € 89,95
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Are you planning an extended bike tour in the mountains and want to get right up close to nature? Do you want your run through the forest to be a truly incredible experience? With the right sportswear you will experience your own personal adventure. The level of requirement placed on sports trousers for men is high. They must not restrict your movement, should keep unpleasant odours at bay and must ensure that you feel good, with a sophisticated temperature management system.

ODLO offers the right sports trousers for every season. The range is diverse and features tights and sports trousers in various lengths - from short to ¾-length to long. Various materials ensure an optimal body temperature, an even exchange of moisture and optimal comfort.

Men's sports trousers for all weather conditions

When hiking, a sudden change in the weather can spring a surprise on you, but are you someone who never wants to give up on running or cycling, even when it rains? Do you love the snow and like to ski in the winter? Then ODLO is the right place for you: we have the right sports trousers for all extreme weather conditions, to turn your sporting performance into a true experience.

Long sports trousers for every outdoor adventure

So that a sudden wind or rain shower does not take you off the trail when hiking, ODLO offers long sports trousers, which can also be transformed into short trousers by means of a zip fastener. Innovative technologies such as WINDSHIELD, or the permanently water-repellent DWR impregnation, keep wind and moisture away from the body. All our sports trousers are particularly breathable and reliably wick body moisture away from the skin. Long sports trousers are also an absolute must in winter temperatures. With a thin, heat-insulating layer made of fleece, merino or yak wool, your body temperature stays at a comfortable level. A perfectly ingenious blend of synthetic fibres and natural materials make these long sports trousers a faithful companion for every level of activity. ODLO's sports trousers are lightweight, meaning they fit in any rucksack.

Men's sports trousers for frosty adventures

Exercising in the great outdoors can be a wonderful experience, even in winter. With their groomed trails, the valleys offer cross-country skiers a fantastic view of the mountains, while a bike tour through the crunching snow offers an idyllic break from everyday life. If you like it fast, you can explore the Alpine ski areas and tear down the slopes. With the right men's sports trousers, you are well prepared. Our men's cross-country ski trousers impress on account of their ODLO Logic Windproof Technology and keep you warm, even in frosty temperatures. They are extremely stretchy and comfortably adjust to your every movement. Some men's sports trousers are equipped with Ceramiwarm technology for low temperatures. This technology stores up to 3 degrees more heat than conventional fabrics, while also protecting against overheating. The ODLO collection also includes windproof and water-repellent trousers, meaning you are sure to find the right pair for all weather conditions.

Sports trousers for your outdoor experience

Regardless of the weather, you want to enjoy unspoilt nature, and with men's sports trousers by ODLO, you have a faithful companion by your side. In the mountains, in the forest, in hot temperatures, rain or snow - at ODLO you will find your perfect pair of sports trousers for all extreme weather conditions. They impress with excellent temperature management and a high level of functionality, and offer exceptional comfort on every adventure.

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