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The Tencia full-zip hoody

€ 99,95 € 69,95

The Ascent light hiking shorts

€ 55,95 - € 79,95

The Essentials hiking shorts

€ 48,95 - € 69,95

The Ascent hiking shorts

€ 76,95 - € 109,95

The Tencia mid layer zip

€ 62,95 - € 89,95

The Ascent hiking tights

€ 69,95 - € 99,95

The Ascent hiking pants

€ 104,95 - € 149,95

The Ascent Chill-Tec polo shirt

€ 48,95 - € 69,95

The Berra mid layer zip

€ 69,95 - € 99,95

The Ascent Warm hiking pant

€ 90,95 - € 129,95

The Severin N-Thermic hooded vest

€ 167,95 - € 239,95

The women's F-Dry t-shirt

€ 34,95 - € 49,95

The women's F-Dry singlet

€ 31,40 - € 44,95
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ODLO develops hiking clothing - trousers, shirts, sports underwear, mid layers or jackets - which leaves nothing to be desired, tailored to the high demands of enthusiastic outdoor women. The path to those lofty goals is often stony and long. With the right hiking clothing for women, you'll experience complete comfort and can rely on them in every situation. Freezing and sweating are a thing of the past with this functional outdoor outfit, because your hiking clothing supports you in every season. With ODLO's well-thought-out three-layer principle, your experience in the great outdoors will become a real adventure.

Baselayers and functional underwear

Breathable and moisture-wicking sports underwear is not only extremely important during high-performance training: it also keeps you well-equipped for hiking in the mountains. Base layers reliably absorb sweat and also provide optimum UV protection. A supporting sports bra keeps things securely in place when inserting a climbing unit on the way to the summit. The Zeroscent technology is responsible for the freshness kick - unpleasant odours have no chance of penetrating the material.

Mid layers

The main task of the second layer of clothing is to regulate your body temperature. On hot days, women's hiking wear cools your body with Ceramicool technology and prevents you from overheating. In the cooler months, CERAMIWARM technology enables the middle layer of clothing to store heat and maintain your comfortable body sensation even at low temperatures. A thin layer of natural merino or yak wool, for example, provides you with the warmth you need to stay comfy. Short t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and vests are not only highly comfortable and offer outstanding freedom of movement, but are also a reliable companion for your hiking tours.


With ODLO's outer layer, you get absolutely uncompromising weather protection. Rain and wind have no chance of cooling your body from the outside. The body heat generated by movement is immediately dissipated thanks to maximum breathability. The water-repellent coating and integrated high water column keep rain and damp at bay. The jackets are extremely lightweight and can be stowed away in your rucksack as a supplement to your hiking gear. You will be well-equipped to cope with changing temperatures and sudden changes in the weather.

Hiking and clothing for women: protective trousers for every season

Outdoor trousers specially designed to meet the needs of nature enthusiasts are an essential part of functional hiking clothing. Depending on the season and temperature, you can choose between combined zip-off models that can be transformed from long trousers to shorts in just a few seconds, or functional trousers. The robust and weatherproof material is also ideal for a short climbing trip or a hike in the snow. The thin insulating layer on trousers with CERAMIWARM technology provides a feeling of comfort. Whether in shorts, knee-length or long trousers, your hiking clothing for women offers you maximum comfort in all weather conditions.

ODLO keeps you perfectly equipped

Hiking and trekking tours are not only a relaxing change to stressful everyday life; at the top you are rewarded with a breathtaking view that will remain in your memory forever. With the right hiking clothing for women you can turn your outdoor experience into a real adventure. ODLO understands the high demands of nature lovers and is constantly developing its functional garments Innovative technologies and a unique combination of synthetic fibres and natural materials leave nothing to be desired. Trousers, shirts, functional underwear, vests or jackets all have something to offer, meeting your needs from head to toe. Hiking clothing offers you maximum comfort through the interaction of all the layers.

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