Women Base layers

Comfy base layers crafted for optimal performance in any conditions.

Precision-made for any environment & intensity

A woman wearing a X-Light base layer


Keeps the body dry on hot days and during intense activities

A woman wearing a light base layer


For the optimal body climate all year round and all activities.

A woman wearing a Warm base layer


For comfortable warmth in cold conditions

A woman wearing a X-Warm base layer


Insulates, warms and protects the body in very cold conditions

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Comfortably warm shirts and long underpants are ideal for a day of skiing in frosty temperatures, while you can choose a thin and cooling top for a hike in summery conditions. Our base layer guide will help you make the right choice.

Sports underwear for all weather conditions

Spring, summer, autumn and winter - it is not just in nature that the unique charm of each season is on display. A wide range of activities are also available to passionate sportswomen. Lengthy cycling tours, relaxing hikes or ski tours not only offer ample opportunity to encounter nature in all its facets, but are also a chance put your sportswear to the test. Thanks to innovative technologies and a perfect blend of synthetic fibres and natural materials such as merino wool, ODLO's high-quality sports underwear is the ideal choice for outdoor activities. The functional base layers ensure optimal moisture-wicking. Sweat is reliably wicked away from the skin, so that the skin remains dry and you are neither too hot nor too cold. In pleasant summer temperatures, the re-drying process works to excellent effect with the LIGHT and X-LIGHT sports underwear. With the light sports underwear for women, the body stays dry and cool during activities. When practising a moderate level of activity, you can even use the LIGHT sports underwear all year round. In the mountains or on cold days, good thermal insulation is essential to avoid freezing. The WARM and X-WARM sports underwear regulates the moisture balance so that your skin stays dry and you stay nice and warm. In particular, activities such as skiing or cross-country skiing require additional protection for sensitive body parts, which the sports underwear offers through the use of extra warm inserts in the X-WARM line.

Short or long: the perfect base layer for you

Individually tailored to the female anatomy and to your individual needs, the sports underwear for women comes in various different fits and materials. With ACTIVE, you are on the safe side if you are looking for lightweight materials and a high degree of comfort. The PERFORMANCE garments are characterised by a tight fit, which guarantees maximum freedom of movement due to the particularly flexible material and offers excellent moisture management. If you are looking for natural fibres, then the NATURAL line is for you. When putting together your optimal performance outfit, you can choose between our light briefs or tops. On warm days, moisture-regulating and cooling sportswear is recommended to ensure you are protected against overheating and continue to feel comfortable during exercise. Functional clothing ensures that sweat is efficiently wicked away from the skin, to the outside, and you stay dry for as long as possible. If you are planning an extensive cross-country skiing tour for a cold winter's day or want to conquer the slopes in your ski resort, then you should wear ODLO's comfortable sports underwear underneath your ski pants and ski jacket. This not only ensures high air circulation but also retains the body's own heat. Breathable polyester and Merino or yak wool ensure that you are pleasantly warm, even in frosty weather. Long johns or long-sleeved mid layers from ODLO are of high quality and offer excellent comfort.

Sports underwear for women at ODLO

The tight-fitting and particularly thin sports underwear for women is the perfect companion for sporting activities, thanks to numerous revolutionary innovations. Cooling materials such as linen reduce body temperature, whereas processed ceramic particles actually increase it. At the same time, your new sports underwear contains fibres that actually avoid absorbing unpleasant odours in the first place - meaning you can set off feeling fresh and natural. With ODLO sports underwear you have the perfect foundation for creating a high-performance outfit. Sports underwear such as briefs, trousers, long johns, shirts or tops are complemented by sports bras, which are barely noticeable on account of their seamless finish. Pressure points and friction are a thing of the past. They also offer varying levels of support, adapted to suit your activity level. At ODLO, you can choose from a multi-faceted range of sports underwear for women and are sure find your new favourite garment in our online shop.

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