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Insulating base layers for days when warmth is a must.

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Odlo, the pioneer of active thermal wear, presents an extensive collection of men’s thermal underwear designed for cold-weather sports like skiing, cross-country skiing, winter hiking, and ski touring.

Engineered warmth for peak performance

Braving the icy trails or gliding across snowy plains requires thermal underwear that provides superior insulation and moisture management. Odlo offers specialized warm base layers, including tights, briefs, and long-sleeved tops, equipped with advanced temperature control systems tailored to your intensity levels.

For high-altitude sports or biting colds of the backcountry, Odlo’s warm and x-warm categories are the go-to choices. These thermal base layers deliver enhanced thermal insulation, particularly around critical zones, ensuring you stay warm even when the mercury dips sharply. The efficient moisture-wicking technology also means your skin remains dry, allowing you to focus on your sport, not the cold.

Enhanced 3-layer-principle for optimal thermoregulation

When you're carving through fresh snow in cross-country skiing, scaling icy ridges during ski touring, or trekking through silent winter forests, your level of exertion varies immensely. Odlo's innovative three-layer system in thermal underwear is meticulously designed to adapt to these changes, ensuring an ideal skin climate. The primary layer wicks away perspiration, while subsequent layers work to maintain core warmth and dryness.

Key thermal underwear pieces to complete your layering:

  • - Tops: Essential first layer pieces that provide a foundation of warmth while managing moisture.
  • - Bottoms: Fit snugly against the skin to trap heat and offer full leg coverage.
  • - Long Sleeves: Offer extended arm protection and additional warmth retention.
  • - Half-Zips: Allow for adjustable ventilation and easy layering as a versatile mid-layer option.

These essential items from Odlo’s thermal underwear range ensure that you are prepared for any weather condition and physical demand, keeping your focus on the adventure ahead. To fully experience the benefits of Odlo’s advanced thermoregulation, it’s essential to integrate other key elements: socks, underwear, headwear and gloves and - for sure - mid and outer layer .

Performance wool and merino: the natural edge in warmth

Odlo leverages the exceptional qualities of merino wool in its Performance Wool and Merino collections, offering unparalleled warmth and comfort. This fine natural fiber excels in thermoregulation and odor resistance, ensuring that you stay warm and fresh, regardless of the weather or intensity of your sport.

Active X-Warm: for intense cold conditions

The Active X-Warm series by Odlo is specifically engineered for severe cold. These garments feature strategic insulation to shield against extreme temperatures, while advanced moisture management keeps you dry as you push the limits. Embrace the winter elements with confidence with Odlo Active X-Warm.

Durable thermal underwear to push your limits

Odlo’s thermal underwear for men is the fusion of innovative fabric technologies and material blends that offer moisture and odor control, as well as substantial thermal protection. The combination of synthetic fibers and premium natural materials, like merino wool, regulates your body temperature and ensures moisture is efficiently transported away from your body. The elasticity of Odlo’s warm base layers means your mobility is unrestricted, allowing you to perform at your highest level.

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