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The X-Alp collection. For the very specific needs of running way off road.

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Navigating through challenging trails requires the right gear. At ODLO, our collection of men's trail running clothes caters to every trail runner's needs. Whether you're winding through forest paths or ascending steep mountain terrain, our trail running gear for men combines leading fabric technologies and design principles to provide comfort, superb moisture control, and unrestricted movement. Our trail running clothing ensures you're equipped to take every challenge in your stride.

Trail running t-shirts and tops for men: summer essentials

For trail running in the summer, look no further than ODLO's collection of trail running t-shirts and tops for men. Crafted from lightweight materials, these t-shirts offer exceptional breathability and moisture management. Whether it's a challenging uphill sprint or a long-distance run in high heat, our t-shirts guarantee comfort and top performance.

Trail running in cold temperatures: essentials for the winter run

When it comes to running in winter, ODLO's selection of mens trail running gear offers the optimal solution for those braving the chill. Our mens waterproof running jackets and running tights provide robust protection against the cold and damp conditions. With advanced insulating technology, these pieces ensure warmth without compromising on breathability or comfort. Pair these with our mens running socks, designed for ultimate warmth and moisture regulation, hat (or headband) and add gloves for a winter running outfit that keeps you performing at your best, regardless of the weather.

Trail running shorts for men: freedom in motion

A common question we hear is, why do trail runners wear shorts? It's all about the unmatched freedom and breathability. Our men's trail running shorts are designed for this very purpose. The lightweight material ensures maximum airflow, keeping you cool as you push your limits. With our 2-in-1 shorts, you get the benefit of an inner pant that offers a perfect fit and supreme freedom of movement.

Men’s trail running baselayers: first line of defense

When it comes to trail running, base layers form the crucial first line of defense against sweat and discomfort. ODLO's men's trail running base layers are engineered to swiftly wick sweat away from your skin, providing consistent, prolonged comfort. Made from a careful blend of natural and synthetic materials, these base layers offer excellent thermoregulation and antibacterial properties. This makes them an ideal choice for both summer and winter, effectively aiding in sweat management while ensuring optimum performance.

Men's trail running socks: the foundation of comfort

Our assortment of trail running socks for men caters to the unique needs of every runner. Whether you prefer the protective coverage of long socks or the muscle-supporting benefits of compression socks, ODLO has you covered. Our Ceramicool technology incorporated socks offer exceptional cooling performance, ensuring your feet remain pleasantly cool and comfortable, no matter how long you run.

Waterproof running tights for men: comfort in all conditions

Running in chilly, wet conditions demands specific gear. ODLO's waterproof running tights for men are crafted to keep you comfortable in such circumstances. These tights feature an insulating layer that effectively maintains your body's optimal heat level. Furthermore, they provide crucial breathability and moisture regulation, and their high-quality seams are designed to prevent friction, thereby significantly enhancing your comfort during those challenging runs.

Men's trail running jacket: a barrier for every weather condition

When trail running, you often face unpredictable weather conditions. Our men's trail running jackets serve as your dependable ally in such instances. Using advanced fabric technologies, these jackets provide strong protection against wind, rain, and snow while ensuring breathability and unhampered mobility. ODLO's men's trail running clothes are designed to enhance your running experience. Each piece of our trail running gear, be it shorts, socks, base layers, jackets, or t-shirts, promises peak performance every time.

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