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Odlo Women's Sports Underwear - Summer Baselayer

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Odlo Women's Sports Underwear - Summer Baselayer

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ODLO: Sportswear for women

Sportswear for women needs to meet especially high demands. The anatomy of the female body requires supportive mechanisms, but women also want to look good - even when running, cycling, cross-country skiing, or hiking. ODLO has designed a range of sportswear for women that meets all of these needs. Whether you're a competitive sportswoman or just enjoy the occasional jog, with ODLO you will feel completely comfortable in your sportswear.

Stylish and sustainable sportswear for women

Stylische und nachhaltige Sportbekleidung für Damen

Breathability and thermal insulation are the most important requirements for functional sportswear. With the support of sports underwear, you can be confident that your body will be effectively warmed or cooled during all sporting activities. But you can also be confident in the supportive function of your bra or crop top.

ODLO's functional training and outdoor clothing for active women who love sports is effective across the board. ODLO supplements synthetic fibres, which are especially light and breathable, with natural materials such as cotton, merino wool, or TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers . This blend isn't just comfortable to wear: it also warms and insulates you to a high degree.

While optimum skin cooling is required during your daily run in the great outdoors if temperatures are particularly high, you also won't need to worry about freezing hands and feet when cross-country skiing. ODLO's sportswear is designed with the unique features of each of the four seasons in mind, protecting you from the elements all year round.

ODLO technologies for the full outdoor experience

With ODLO's Advanced Microclimate Management concept, you can play it safe during all your sporting activities. Whether you're enjoying a sunny bike ride or a run, your skin will stay comfortably cool and damp sweat is kept at bay. During a relaxed cross-country skiing session, winter hike, or fast downhill skiing, the individual layers will keep you comfortably warm and dry. ODLO's sportswear for women offers maximum functionality.

All women who love to be active in the great outdoors and want to perform to their best will discover a multi-faceted range of functional sports underwear, midlayer shirts, breathable and insulating pants, jackets offering high protection against the elements, and useful accessories. ODLO's practical sportswear for women helps contribute to sporting success with its innovative fabric structures and figure-hugging cuts in fashionable colours.

Micro Climate Management

In winter, when the temperature drops, select sportswear with innovative technologies such as Yakwarm, Ceramiwarm, I-Thermic, N-Thermic, S-Thermic or A-Thermic. You can decide depending on your personal temperature perception. The weather protection offered by our jackets and vests isn't just great for activities in the rain but also for cold and snowy conditions too. The outer layer keeps wind and moisture away from your body, but your freedom of movement is never restricted.

Be perfectly equipped with ODLO

Innovative TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers , conventional synthetic fibres, and heat-insulating fabrics are used in the Advanced Microclimate Management concept. With this perfect combination, you can keep a cool head on hot days and stay comfortably warm on cold days.

Sportswear for women made from sustainable TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers has a natural origin. Created from wood pulp, the natural resources are obtained through the subsequent spinning process. Combined with soft merino wool, they offer maximum freedom of movement and the highest level of comfort. In addition, merino wool absorbs sweat, keeps odours at bay, and can usually be freshened up simply by airing it out.

The three-layer principle made from different breathable materials allows you to experience the joy of movement in the great outdoors, whether the weather is sunny, windy, rainy, or snowy. A first layer - ideally functional underwear - reliably wicks sweat away from the skin. On top of this, a long-sleeved shirt or T-shirt as a midlayer provides optimum thermal insulation. The jacket protects you from rain and wind.

Drei-Schichten-Prinzip Damen

Accessories and functional sports underwear from ODLO

Sportunterwäsche Sport-BHs

One of ODLO's challenges was to create sports underwear that offers the wearer support as well as optimum comfort. ODLO's range of sports bras reflects various different levels of activity. Select from three different levels of support: Soft, Medium, and High. Leggings, briefs, long-sleeved shirts and ski underwear complete ODLO's range and offer the usual high quality that wearers have come to expect from the brand.

In addition to sports underwear, ODLO also offers bags and rucksacks that provide plenty of space for your most important valuables, whether you're skiing or hiking. Sports socks made using compressive material offer support to areas that are subject to particular stress, helping to prevent injuries and sore muscles and making them an essential part of a functional sports outfit for women.

Outdoor clothing for women: let's do the environment a favour

ODLO's entire range of products - including accessories and sportswear for women, men, and children - is produced from an environmentally-friendly viewpoint. ODLO doesn't just favour the use of renewable resources at its production sites, but also selects transportation routes according to climate-friendly criteria.

All breathable and sweat-absorbing materials are made using both synthetic fibres as well as natural fabrics. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, ODLO is able to modify natural materials to such an extent that they can meet all the demands of active and sporty people - just like you.

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