A range of precision-made cycling apparel designed for road and trail.

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Whether you’re new to cycling or live to ride, you need cycling clothing that adapts to seasonal change. Learn more about the different cycling gear and biking outfits you can choose from and when to wear them.

What cycling clothing do I need?

Cycling clothing depends on the season. For example, in summer, you should opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics to maximise comfort and minimise overheating, while winter cycling gear provides warmth and water resistance for pedalling through colder, wetter conditions.

How to choose cycling clothing?

Regardless of the season, cycling clothing essentials include a base layer, cycling jersey or top, cycling shorts or pants and cycling socks. And consider a cycling rain jacket or a waterproof cycling jacket and trousers in wet weather.

How does cycling clothing work?

Cycling clothing is designed for aerodynamics, comfort and protection. Its materials combat sweat to keep you dry, while the snug fit reduces wind resistance for faster rides. Padded shorts like our Cargo Bib provide several hours of comfort thanks to the recycled, breathable fabric and men’s and women’s anatomically adapted designs.

Are cycling clothes necessary?

While you can cycle in everyday clothing, a biking outfit will help you get the most out of your time in the saddle – so you can ride longer and faster in greater comfort. Start with our Essentials, including underwear, beanies and gloves. Then match your kit to your intensity. The Ride 365 collection for women and men is perfect for casual cycling, be it a commute or a coffee run. Need more technical MTB gear? Our Mountain Biking clothes are fit for purpose. Gearing up for high-intensity work? The Zeroweight range for men and women keeps you cool with added ventilation. Ideal for athletic climbs and long rides.

How to wear and layer cycling clothes

Cycling clothes for beginners and seasoned pros alike should be snug to reduce wind resistance and chafing. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to help manage body temperature, add a cycling jersey or top and finish it off with cycling shorts or pants. For colder weather, add an insulating mid-layer and water- or windproof cycling jacket. Explore our women's and men's cycling collections to build your perfect cycling outfit.

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