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The X-Alp collection. For the very specific needs of running way off road.

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Boost your performance with our specifically designed trail running gear for women by ODLO. Our range, comprising advanced materials and designed with Swiss precision, helps you give your best and conquer the challenges of the trail.

Women's trail running shorts: Comfort and freedom of movement meets optimal performance

Searching for the perfect women's trail running pants? ODLO's women's trail running shorts are meticulously crafted to provide you with optimal freedom of movement and protection on every trail. Our breathable and durable women's shorts withstand even the toughest conditions while offering maximum comfort. Thanks to elastic materials, our shorts adjust to your movements, reducing friction. Our running guide offers valuable tips and tricks to boost your performance, and advice on the essential trail running guide you need to get started with.

High performance with performance wool

ODLO's Performance Wool clothing, the ideal women's trail running base layer, is a top choice for runners who never compromise on the comfort and functionality of their running clothing, regardless of the weather. This natural fiber provides excellent thermoregulation, keeping you dry even on long runs. Always a superb choice, performance wool is known for its breathability, ensuring pleasant wear.

Autumn trail running: Stay protected and warm

Our women's trail running jackets have been expertly designed to protect you optimally during the autumn trail running season. As temperatures drop and the weather turns unpredictable, our wind and water-resistant jackets have got you covered. The specially chosen materials provide superior moisture management, keeping you warm and dry without causing overheating. With an ODLO trail running jacket, you're well-prepared for any weather, allowing you to concentrate fully on your training.

Women's trail running socks: the perfect choice for every run

Choosing the right socks can significantly impact your trail running success. At ODLO, you'll find an array of women's trail running socks designed to suit various running conditions and preferences. Whether you rely on thicker socks for additional cushioning and warmth on rough terrain, or thinner socks for maximum breathability and sensitivity on smoother trails, we have the right pair for you. Our socks offer optimal support to your feet and minimize blister formation, thanks to the high-quality materials and technologies ensuring effective moisture management, thereby maintaining consistent comfort even on long and challenging trails.

Sports bra for trail running: comfort and support in every situation

A well-fitted sports bra is crucial in trail running. The demanding conditions on the trail require women's trail running clothes that provide both comfort and adequate support. At ODLO, we've developed a line of sports bras that fulfill these requirements. With breathable materials and adjustable straps, our sports bras offer the necessary support and freedom of movement you need for your next trail running adventure.

Enhance your performance with ODLO

Discover the ease of trail running and unleash your full potential with ODLO's high-quality trail running clothing for women. Every piece of our clothing is meticulously crafted with extreme care and attention to detail, designed to provide you with the best possible support on any terrain and in any weather. From breathable and resilient shorts, functional sports bras to specially designed trail running socks - with ODLO, you always make the right choice. Get ready for your next adventure on the trail and explore our women's trail running clothing now.

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