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From base layers to bibs. Get set to explore. 

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The road beyond: a simple guide to bikepacking this summer

Total kms: 720km Elevation: +14,620m A route this difficult isn’t for everyone. We looked at options that kept us under 2000m elevation (for warmth) and led us into Italy to enjoy some food and drink. We sought out Grand Tour worthy climbs that weren’t household names. We scheduled stops in cool spots, like in Como at Sartoria Cyclista. We rode the roads of Giro legend Alfredo Binda. But every day we kept distances within reach. We passed through towns, cafés, and canyons. It took about 36 hours to do it all. But the scenery and company made it pass by quickly.  Key learning: when planning, be realistic, but don’t be afraid to bite off a little extra. In difficulty, you find reserves you thought not possible.