Synthetic insulation for maximum functionality during high level activities

S-Thermic literally overcomes barriers! For its S-Thermic technology, ODLO has turned to the synthetic insulation material G-Loft®. It sets a new benchmark in moisture management and combines high compressibility with outstanding heat retention properties.

The new G-Loft® insulation technology is a two-component composite of the finest polyester fibres. In terms of bulk and insulation, G-Loft® can more than hold its own against other synthetic insulation materials. As part of ODLO’s S-Thermic design, EMPA tests have shown that it is clearly superior to all comparable insulation systems in terms of breathability and insulation. The stretchy S-Thermic design with G-Loft® is extra warm but at the same time prevents overheating and saves weight. The fibre composite is clean, green and above all durable to guarantee long-lasting insulation.
The S-Thermic innovation is the perfect choice for winter hikes or adventurous snowshoe excursions. It impresses with its soft feel, extreme warmth and lightweight properties.

💙 Why you will love S-Thermic

• Optimal thermoregulation
• Advanced breathability
• High comfort