ODLO is excited to bring to you in partnership with Clim8 and Twinery the newest innovation I-THERMIC – the most advanced active heating technology available, giving wearers full control on their personal micro-climate without added, bulky layers. Thanks to this additional control option, no additional layers are required in winter sports.

ODLO Cycling & Mountainbiking in Summer Sports Underwear and Perormance

Deliver maximum warmth during every outdoor performance this cold season with I-Thermic. Designed using cutting-edge, I-Thermic technology, this intelligent layer is lined with thermal sensors which are then controlled by your smartphone app. All sensors are seamlessly integrated into fibres and positioned at zones of your body that are most sensitive to the cold – leaving you feeling warmer for a longer.

This layer is ideal whether you're skiing, trecking or climbing in the mountains this winter. It even keeps you warm when you're standing still or sitting on a ski-lift. Add forward-thinking warmth every time you head outside this cold season with ODLO's I-Thermic winter midlayer for men and women.

ODLO Cycling & Mountainbiking in Summer Sports Underwear and Perormance


1) Shirt with Clim8 technology
2) Core8 (battery, micro USB)
3) Clim8 mobile App

ODLO Cycling & Mountainbiking in Summer Sports Underwear and Perormance


1) After downloading the app, create your profile. In order to get the best results, follow the instructions, adding your height, weight, date of birth and gender.

2) To charge the Core8, plug the USB cable into any mobile phone charger and insert the micro USB directly into the battery (ideally allow for 1 hour).

3) Put the shirt on and attach the Core8. To do so, fasten the Core8 directly to the base. Make sure the snaps are correctly attached. One fastener has been placed off-centre to make sure you don’t connect the Core8 upside down.

4) Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone. Pair the Core8 in order to allow the Clim8 technology to collect data for the app. Open the Clim8 app.

5) The Core8 will automatically be detected, unless Bluetooth has not been activated on your smartphone. Finally, set your ideal temperature before using the shirt during your sports.


To use the product, you must download the Clim8 mobile app available on the following stores:

Google Play App Download   Apple Store App Download


Partner Clim8

CLIM8 leverages its technological and scientitifc expertise to build the next generation of active-response thermal wearables. The technology monitor, analyze, activate, and regulate temperature on the wearer’s skin.

Partner Twinery

TWINERY brings together world-class scientists, designers, engineers, marketers and entrepreneurs to create and commercialize the textile technologies of tomorrow and bring them to market today. At Twinery, they develop apparel and soft goods innovations that transform the human/textile interface, putting groundbreaking, life-improving technologies right next to your skin.