Make it fair

Making things fair is about doing what's right. Our aim is for everyone who supplies finished products and fabrics to us to earn a living wage for themselves and their families and to work reasonable hours. We commit to being transparent about these working conditions across our supply chain and especially in our own facilities.

Close the loop

We aim to design products to be durable, with the ability to repair and reuse, so that we can propose solutions when a piece of kit has reached the end of the road.

How we'll get there

Odlo's people and planet priorities are rooted in UN Sustainability Development Goals and focused on where we can inspire real change. Our aim is to reach these targets by 2030. At the same time, we aim to cut total C02 emissions, setting and communicating a clear GHG reduction target and plan in 2024.

If we can inspire and collaborate with more people, augment existing work, and focus on where we can really contribute, we will reduce our impact. In turn, the mountain moments we love can be passed on to future athletes.

Longer term

We can do more is our commitment to protect the places we love. We've prioritised green energy, preferred materials, fair workplaces, circularity and carbon reduction as our priorities because we know this is where we can take the greatest action.

We're excited to share the work we have already done, and recognise we have more work ahead. We are adding resources and constantly learning so that we can enhance our sustainability measurement and continue to report back on our progress.

We can do more, and this is the just the start.