Care for your kit sustainably


Care for your kit sustainably

Over-washing apparel can have a major impact on the planet, but there are simple ways to shrink your footprint

AT 26.09.2021 

Making and selling product that is high-quality, durable and long lasting is a key part of our sustainability strategy. After all, a longer lifespan means less stuff and using less resources. Sometimes it is that simple.

Caring for that kit, however, is one part of a garment’s lifespan that is harder to manage. High intensity activity means often times, clothing must be washed. Each wash however uses valuable resources, adding up to 20% of a garment’s total environmental impact.

To make sure our performance apparel is washed properly, we’ve made some changes to our labels. On the labels you’ll find general care instructions, yes; you’ll also find a QR code linked to our website where you can get general advice on how to care for ODLO apparel and its origins. You can find more information here.

Proper washing leads to longer product lifespans. But some other simple steps – like wearing apparel two or three times between washes – can also help.

Curbing microfiber release from washing

Textile microfibres from synthetic fabrics make up more than one third of microplastics in the ocean – a frightening statistic. Research has shown that these microplastics accumulate in the environment and especially in the ocean (found in plankton, fish and in the food chain). This is a massive problem we play a role in solving.

This week UK researchers disclosed a robust new micorfibre release test method that will make it possible for ODLO to test fibre release and analysing wastewater at our material partners, starting with our high volume materials. End users also play a part simply by washing less, airing out and spot cleaning kit when possible. Also, full wash loads create less friction between garments and therefore release fewer fibres. Using liquid detergents can also help – powders increase fibre release. Also limit dry time by hang-drying overnight. Saves on energy bills, too.

Just by following this set of simple rules, we can expand the life of our sports kit. And by doing that, we are also reducing our impact on our planet while saving money. Helping nature is not always about achieving great things, but to change small habits that can have a huge effect on the planet.


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