The ideal running equipment for this summer

Since spring 2020, ODLO has been the official supplier of the TSL Trail Running Team. This year, the five trail runners will take part in various large and challenging races during which they can certainly rely 100% on their equipment. The athletes will be outfitted by ODLO with an unbelievably light and reliable outfit, which is intended to improve their general performance whilst still concentrating on the essential.

An Overview of the TSL TEAM Clothing for this summer

The trail runners are provided with our new and ultra-light DUAL DRY ZEROWEIGHT WATERPROOF jacket, which was recently awarded with the ISPO Gold Award. Dual Dry stands for maximum dryness both from the inside and outside, an innovative technology which offers a perfect balance between weather protection and excellent breathability. 

In addition to this jacket, they will be supplied with the BLACKCOMB PRO T-shirt, which has been developed to improve their performance with the help of active cooling. The integrated Ceramicool technology lowers the skin temperature down to minus 1°C to ensure that athletes remain efficient during long runs and training sessions. In addition, BLACKCOMB PRO T-shirts feature the new ZeroScent anti-odour technology, which is 100% nature-based and prevents odours from penetrating the fibres. 

The outfit is completed by the ZEROWEIGHT shorts. These are also made of incredibly light, ultra-elastic material and are conceived in such a way that you can hardly feel them when running.  


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AM 26.09.2021