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Whether it's running, cycling, mountain hiking or cross-country skiing, with the functional jacket for women, you can challenge the elements. Lightweight running jackets offer excellent protection from the wind and thick down jackets will keep you warm in case of frost. ODLO offers you the right protection for every outdoor adventure.

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  • Women's AEGIS 2.5L WATERPROOF Hardshell Jacket, burnt sienna, large
    € 149,95
  • Women's ZEROWEIGHT DUAL DRY Cycling Jacket, jaded - balsam, large
    € 129,95
  • Women's FLI 2.5L WATERPROOF Hardshell Jacket, black, large
    € 189,95
  • Women's FLI 2.5L WATERPROOF PRINT Hardshell Jacket, jaded - graphic SS21, large
    € 199,95
  • Women's ZEROWEIGHT AOP Jacket, siesta - graphic SS21, large
    € 109,95
  • Women's COCOON N-THERMIC LIGHT Insulated Jacket, black, large
    € 125,95 - € 179,95
  • Women's FLI WINDPROOF DWR Jacket, odlo silver grey, large
    € 99,95
  • Women's HALDEN Jacket, burnt sienna, large
    € 129,95
  • Women's ELEMENT LIGHT AOP Jacket, siesta - graphic SS21, large
    € 79,95
  • Women's FLI DUAL DRY WATER RESISTANT Hiking Jacket, black, large
    € 104,95 - € 149,95
  • Women's ZEROWEIGHT DUAL DRY Waterproof Running Jacket, hyacinth violet, large
    € 249,95
  • Women's ELEMENT LIGHT Jacket, black, large
    € 69,95
  • Women's AEGIS Hardshell Jacket, black, large
    € 139,95
  • Women's MILLENNIUM S-THERMIC ELEMENT Running Jacket, black, large
    € 83,95 - € 119,95
  • Women's MILLENNIUM S-THERMIC Running Jacket, submerged, large
    € 125,95 - € 180,00
  • Women's HOODY COCOON N-THERMIC WARM Insulated Jacket, black, large
    € 153,95 - € 219,95
  • Women's COCOON S-THERMIC X-WARM Insulated Jacket, black, large
    € 167,95 - € 239,95
  • Women's AEOLUS ELEMENT Jacket, submerged, large
    € 69,95 - € 99,95
  • Women's HOODY COCOON N-THERMIC X-WARM Insulated Jacket, black melange, large
    € 209,95 - € 299,95
  • Women's ZEROWEIGHT PRO WARM REFLECT Running Jacket, black - reflective graphic FW20, large
    € 179,95
  • Women's SARA COCOON Insulated Jacket, diving navy, large
    € 174,95 - € 249,95
  • Women's COCOON S-THERMIC Parka, black, large
    € 153,95 - € 219,95
  • Women's COCOON N-THERMIC WARM Insulated Jacket, black, large
    € 179,95 - € 299,95
  • Women's BLACKCOMB FUTUREKNIT 3L Hardshell Jacket, submerged, large
    € 449,95
  • Women’s ZEROWEIGHT FUTUREKNIT Jacket, charisma - malachite green, large ECO
    € 399,95
  • Women's ZEROWEIGHT WARM HYBRID Running Jacket, black, large
    € 125,00
  • Women's ZEROWEIGHT PRO WARM Running Jacket, hyacinth violet, large
    € 169,95
  • Women's ZEROWEIGHT Jacket, black, large
    € 99,95
  • Women's AEOLUS Jacket, charisma - purple cactus flower, large
    € 104,95 - € 149,95
  • Women’s MILLENNIUM X WARM Jacket, black, large
    € 219,95
  • Jacket Hoody Air COCOON, pickled beet, large
    € 219,95
  • Women’s AEOLUS PRO Jacket, black, large
    € 199,95
  • Women’s ZEROWEIGHT DUAL DRY Water Resistant Jacket, jaded, large
    € 149,95

Jackets for women: functional and waterproof

Finding the perfect jacket is often far from simple. If it is too thick, you will soon be sweating, if it is too thin, you run the risk of quickly freezing. One of the most important requirements is to reliably keep moisture and wind away from your body. With ladies' jackets from ODLO, you can enjoy your leisure time in the great outdoors and don't have to worry about sudden changes in the weather.

Jackets for women: functional and waterproof

Nothing is more annoying than a sudden drop in temperature on a long hike or when the snow sets in when cross-country skiing - especially if the sun was still shining before you set off and you suddenly find that you are not dressed for the occasion. Weather protection is essential for an outdoor adventure and is especially practical if it can be packed small in any backpack. ODLO offers ladies' jackets that you soon won't want to be without.

Ladies' jackets for every outdoor use

Ladies' jackets for every outdoor use

Depending on the season and the prevailing weather conditions, you need a jacket as an outer layer of clothing that protects against wind, wet or cold, and that is also highly breathable. At the same time, you don't want to compromise on freedom of movement, so you tend to reach for a lightweight jacket. This can be easily stowed in your backpack or worn casually around your waist when you don't need it. An important criterion when selecting a ladies' jacket is the quality of finish, after all you want to enjoy your jacket for a long time and it should also withstand heavy use.

Light jackets for ladies in the summer

A thin running jacket or a windbreaker will protect you and your body from cooling down and will also offer protection against light rain. Made from high-quality fibres, they have a water-repellent outer layer and use innovative technologies such as DualDry to wick moisture away from the body. A high degree of breathability guarantees a high level of comfort at all times. Integrated ventilation zones and reflective stripes make these summery ladies' jackets an ideal companion.

All-round protection in changeable weather

If the temperatures fluctuate in spring or autumn, you need more than just rain protection for running, hiking or extended cycling tours - you also need a ladies' jacket that insulates your body heat excellently effectively.

Ladies' jackets with S-Thermic or N-Thermic technology are a must-have in your wardrobe. While S-Thermic jackets use the synthetic insulation material, G-Loft®, to ensure effective moisture management, N-Thermic jackets remain loyal to down and provide excellent insulation at a low level of activity. At the same time, ODLO jackets are water-repellent and do not allow moisture to reach the skin. These insulated jackets can also be worn under a ladies' hardshell jacket. So that you are always seen in the evening hours, the reflective details ensure that you remain visible at all times.

Light jackets for ladies in the summer
Ladies' jackets for frosty temperatures

Ladies' jackets for frosty temperatures

It goes without saying that cross-country and alpine skiing simply do not work without snow and frost. To ensure that the cold doesn't hold you back and to make sure that you can carve through the snow without a care in the world, even in the event of sudden snowfall, the warm ladies' jackets from ODLO are the perfect choice. High-quality X-WARM down jackets keep you warm and dry at all times. At the same time, they protect you against overheating and do not allow moisture to penetrate. With removable hoods and light in weight, these winter jackets are a must for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Reliable protection against the elements

Reliable protection against the elements

As a casual jacket or a high-performance garment - with the right ladies' jacket you are perfectly equipped. Featuring a three-layer design, the ladies' jacket forms a protective shield and guarantees efficient insulation. While the running jackets reliably keep out wind and moisture, the quality finish of the individual down jackets ensures that you are warm all around. The combination of light synthetic fibres and the warming insulation provided by the merino or yak wool protects you from extreme cold.

ODLO's ladies' jackets are perfect for those who like to be active in the great outdoors and are happy to brave the weather. In addition to their high functionality, the jackets impress with great designs and colours, thus ensuring that you too are sure to find your favourite jacket in the ODLO Online Shop.