Celebrating our Roots

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Celebrating our roots

HAPPY NATIONAL DAY NORWAY! Founded in Oslo by Odd Roar Lofterød Senior in 1946, ODLO is proud of its Norwegian roots. On the 17th of May, Norway celebrates National Day. There are many ways to celebrate such an important date, we would like to pay tribute to the country from which we come by remembering the key dates that have marked us.

AT 26.09.2021 


Lofterød was a creative, unconventional thinker who took off in new directions. To this day ODLO is thrilled to stand by the founder's favourite saying "always make sure you're one step ahead". Let’s take a look at the milestones we have reached and what we have achieved over the years! #ONESTEPAHEAD

1946 Odd Roar Lofterød founds ODLO in Oslo.

1963 Our nylon cross-country race suit revolutionizes the sport.

1972 At the Sapporo Olympics, 25 teams wear ODLO competition apparel.

Celebrating our Roots

1986 We relocate to Switzerland and launch the groundbreaking three layer principle.

1994 We expand our expertise into running and outdoor products.

2002 Our newest innovation “Effect”, incorporates antibacterial silver into the materials to put an end to unpleasant odors.

2006 Not one, but two major break-throughs as we unveil Cubic, an ultra-lightweight knitted fabric and Just One, which has incredible moisture management.

2012 Evolution Greentec is launched, the first seamless underwear from 100% recycled materials.

Celebrating our Roots

2016 We celebrate our 70th anniversary and introduce our new brand claim “Engineers of Active Layers since 1946”.

2017 Who would think to use the cooling properties of ceramic in clothing? That’ll be us – innovating once again as we launch the pioneering Ceramicool technology.

2018 Innovation continues with Ceramiwool, Ceramiwarm and F-Dry. We also begin a ground-breaking collaboration with Zaha Hadid Design

2019 ODLO introduces I-THERMIC, the first Intelligent Thermal Technology that analyses body heat to regulate it whenever it is needed. >> Buy now

2020 We introduce our improved and sustainable anti-odour technology ZeroScent, derived from renewable and recycled sources. >> Get more information about ZeroScent 

Celebrating our Roots

We are the original inventors of functional sports underwear and have been innovating ever since, creating exceptional products for active lifestyles all year round. We strive to stay one step ahead further on, weaving our Norwegian heritage and Swiss engineering into modern, functional and comfortable sports apparel.

We are already looking forward to continue to convince you with great innovations in the coming seasons.


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