What is the best running t-shirt

What’s the best running t-shirt?

What is the best running t-shirt

What’s the best running t-shirt?

BY : MARK COHEN  • run • 05.04.2023

When it comes to running and training, we have a lot of t-shirts and technologies to choose from. Finding the one that’s best for you can transform a simple session into something more. Let's break down the differences in some of this season's best.

How we test:

For the purposes of writing recommendations like this one, we test tees while running (naturally) or in the gym doing stretching and strength work. So far this season, I have about 400km in the legs and two target trail events fast approaching: the Jura Swiss Trail and UTMB Verbier. So what’s the verdict?

x-alp merino wool train running tee for women and men

The best for nature lovers

ODLO is working with a lot of innovative fabrics at the minute. Wools. Recycled polyesters. Blends. In 2022, we introduced Performance Wool powered by Nuyarn® in our base layer category, answering customer demand for high-performance, natural-fibre clothing. This spring, we made a very lightweight, 115-gram version designed specifically for running.

While this is billed as a trail tee, it can do so much more. With the X-Alp Performance Wool 115 trail running t-shirt, you get one of the lightest-feeling merino t-shirts available. Really. It feels great on, dries quickly and is naturally temperature regulating owing to its unique construction of non-mulesed merino wool loomed around a very fine nylon core.

You’ll love it if: 

  • You already love merino. 
  • Prefer natural fibres, and you’re not willing to give an inch on performance. 
  • Love running in mixed temperatures (cool at the start, warm as the day goes on). 
  • Are merino-curious, have been using merino in winter but never in summer, and have been wanting to run in a merino tee for a while. This is the one. 
  • You’re looking for merino you can wear with a pack that’s more durable than most. 

Comes in three colours. I ran in green and grey, and both are great. 

Men's Active 365 running and training tee

The best for people who want an amazing all-rounder

The Active 365 tee, as the name suggests, is a running and training t-shirt made from 92 per cent recycled stretch polyester and conceived for daily wear any day of the year – whether that’s for a run at lunch, an evening session with the jump rope or just hanging out around town.

I liked this one, as it’s made for high mileage; it’s a simple, straightforward, fast-drying shirt that’s also treated with a finish (ZeroScent) to limit odours, which means you can use it for a few consecutive days and cut down on washes (guilty) without it smelling too bad (acquitted).

You’ll love it if: 

  • You like the soft feel and performance of polyester. 
  • You tend to opt for recycled materials.
  • You value gym work just as much as run days. 

Comes in four colours. I opted for the black melange. 

Zeroweight ceramicool running tee

The best for tempo days

The running collection ODLO is perhaps best known for goes by the name Zeroweight. And as the name suggests, it’s for runners who want products that are featherweight and high performing. One of this season’s best options, especially if you’re a runner who sweats a lot and runs in hot weather often, has to be the Zeroweight Ceramicool running tee.

This is definitely a high-performance piece – made of Ceramicool fabric, which actively lowers body temperature by up to one degree – that also has micro vents, which means better air flow. As a bonus, it comes in a very cool deep-green colour, so it looks as great as it feels.

You’ll love it if: 

  • You like style but aren’t willing to sacrifice performance. 
  • You like a lot of air flow on warm runs. 
  • You sweat a lot. 

This shirt has a great feel. Ideal for big efforts, but equally at home for everyday runs.

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