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AM 28.09.2021


Our selection of shorts and pants for all your summer activities

In summer when you are running, hiking trails or climbing a mountain pass on your bike, the choice of pants or shorts is important to stay dry, keep your freedom of movement and feel comfortable. If you are hesitating or don't know what to buy, our selection of shorts and pants will help you make the right choice for your activity.

Outdoor - Hiking:

Hiking in summer can be done in shorts or hiking pants. The dilemma is generally the following: to privilege the additional protection offered by the trousers particularly against UV rays, scratches or also against insect & tick bites or to opt for the undeniable freshness of the shorts. As the ideal is to be ready for any situation, our selection includes pants, shorts and 2-in-1:

Ceramicool Pants
The advantage of these pants is that they include Ceramicool Cooling Technology and are therefore able to keep you cool while offering the protection of pants. The clearly preformed cut of the legs optimizes your comfort and freedom of movement.

Ceramicool Shorts
Also featuring the refreshing Ceramicool technology, these shorts are your best ally when you want to maximize freshness and comfort. 

2-in-1 pants
The easy solution when the weather is uncertain or when you plan a full day hike or more. Switch quickly from pants to shorts and vice versa with a simple zip.

Running & Trail:

For an activity as intense as running in summer, shorts are generally popular but it is also possible to run with long tights adapted to the season. Here are the must-haves that we offer you:

2-in-1 Ceramicool or Linencool shorts
The all-in-one solution to combine the comfort and technicality of tights with the style of shorts. Here you have the choice between Ceramicool inner tights, which can refresh the skin up to 1C°, or Linencool, using comfortable and quick-drying linen fibres.

Running short tights
Comfort and freedom of movement are essential during running and that's precisely what running short tights give you. A zip pocket for keys will prevent any unpleasant surprises on your way home or in your car after your run.

Long, water-repellent tights
Water-repellent, light and breathable tights are ideal for less sunny days or for runs in low light early in the morning and late at night. DualDry technology effectively protects you from outside moisture and excessive body moisture.

Cycling - MTB :

We offer long or short tights, with or without suspenders so you can find exactly what you like and focus on your performance. One thing to keep in mind is the level of padding - Bronze, Silver or Gold - that should match your specific needs.

Short tights
The perfect short that combines lightness and comfort to keep pedaling even when the temperature rises.

Short tights with suspenders - SCOTT-SRAM RACING TEAM short
Choosing a cycling short with suspenders ensures that it will stay in place and that no friction will bother you during your bike ride.