Women Sports bras

women's soft support bra

Soft support

Lightweight materials crafted for low intensity days or activities like yoga and walking.

Women's medium support sports bra

Medium support

Higher support fabrics. Offering more support suited to cycling up big passes.

women's high support sports bra

High support

Designed for exceptional fit and comfort, these are created for high heart rate, high intensity efforts.

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Conventional bras designed for everyday use do not offer the support of a practical sports bra. As important as it is to find the right sportswear for your activities, it's also essential for women to wear a suitable and well-fitting sports bra. You should select your sports bra with the same care in order to enjoy maximum fun in all your sporting activities.

The right support with your new sports bra

For an optimum posture and reduced strain, a sports bra is just as important as the right weather protection. Your sports bra should not rub, slip, or pinch, and - most importantly - it should be breathable and support your chest as much as possible. ODLO offers three different levels of support.

Soft (Free me)

Made from lightweight and flexible materials, this is ODLO’s lowest bra support level, ideal for lower-impact sports like yoga or walking. This bra from ODLO is manufactured without seams, ensuring that it does not rub or redden the skin. Its exceptional comfort guarantees maximum freedom of movement. For a lower-impact workout, a bra that offers a lower level of support is sufficient. The sports bras in our "Soft" support category can also be put on quickly and easily over the head. Thin crossed straps or bras with a full back section can be selected depending on your personal preference.

Medium (Hug me)

A sports bra with a medium level of support is perfect for your next bike ride or skiing adventure. The material is much denser, ensuring that these ODLO sports bras offer the perfect support for your chest even during higher-intensity activities. If you have a larger bust size, a medium sports bra is also recommended for lower-intensity sports, to ensure that you always get the right level of support. ODLO also offers sports bras with a seamless finish or a cooling effect thanks to CERAMICOOL technology - perfect for hot days. These seamless sports bras aren't just ultra-comfortable: they also reduce friction against the skin during sports activities.

High (Hold me)

Do you love intense and sweaty workouts in the great outdoors? Does the idea of a long run, extreme sports, or high-intensity training get your heart racing? If so, ODLO has developed the perfect sports bra for you - providing a high level of support for your chest at all times. These bras are made using an especially dense and - above all - breathable material, but still offer maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Both smaller and larger cup sizes provide reliable support. The straps are wide and reinforced so that they do not cut into your skin, even when training at high-intensity. In addition, the underbust measurement of these sports bras can be individually adjusted, ensuring that your bra doesn't slip and always offers the perfect fit.

Perfect fit and optimum support

Particularly high-intensity sporting activities can lead to tension and back pain if the wrong gear is used. So when you choose a sports bra, pay particular attention to ensure that it fits like a second skin. The straps should not cut into your shoulders, your breasts should be completely enclosed by the cup, and the underbust band shouldn't hang in the air. This is the only way to prevent painful movements and agitation in the chest area. The materials used are also essential for a well-fitting sports bra. A high percentage of elastane guarantees a high degree of stretch, while compact fabrics enhance the support level. In addition to the seamless finish, mesh inserts provide a high level of breathability. With ODLO, you will find a multi-faceted selection of sports bras that are precisely tailored to your needs and activities. Start your outdoor adventure today with the right sports bra from ODLO.

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