Trail running expert about the waterproof DualDry running jacket

Sylvain Court is a member of the TSL Trail Running Team, for which ODLO has been the official supplier since spring 2020. He is a passionate trail runner from France, who has already celebrated several successes, including the World Champion title in trail running in 2015. Sylvain Court has tested the DualDry waterproof running jacket for you - find out more!

AT 02.11.2021

Product Review: Sylvain Court - trail running expert about the waterproof DualDry running jacket

Sylvain Court - Trail runner: 

“The jacket is an essential part of the Runner basic package! What I could find in this new ODLO Dual Dry waterproof jacket is an impressive concentrate of technological qualities, all in a very small footprint that can easily fit in my belt or Trail ultralight bag. 

One of the most important qualities that I look for a jacket for me that sweats a lot during effort, is breathability. I was amazed that such a light jacket, 130 grams on the scale and unbelievable 50,000 MVP, keeps me both dry during sustained efforts and in intense conditions of rain, drizzle, extreme limit wind. Nice also to reach a summit and run on a ridge exposed to wind and cold thanks to the windproof property of this 20,000mm waterproof membrane allowing me to gain a few degrees, to stay warm for my part without necessarily adding other intermediate layers, while remaining light! 

To conclude, a crush for this waterproof jacket which will be my essential of the year, and which will undoubtedly accompany me during all my training with complicated weather conditions and during my competitions, especially on the Trail event of the year, the UTMB where it is valid for the mandatory equipment. Thanks ODLO, now #zeroexcuses not to go running in all weathers ;)”.

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